Reporting Contact Information

Cancer Reporting Questions?

Call (916) 779-0275

Mailing Address:

Cancer Registry of Greater California
ATTN: Data Collection Unit
1750 Howe Ave. Suite 550
Sacramento, CA 95825-1020
Confidential Fax: (916) 564-9300

Please include legible photocopies of the following documents for each cancer admission:

Face Sheet and Insurance information Physician progress notes
Discharge Summary Endoscopic exam reports
History & Physical Radiology reports
Consultations and other dictated MD reports Medication summaries (if available)
Operative reports Nursing Admission assessments
Pathology reports-including Bone Marrow reports Autopsy reports
Cytology reports Chemotherapy flow sheets
Lab reports- exclude C&S,ABG’s,electrolytes. Include CBC for Hematopoietic diseases Flow Cytometry and Cytogenic reports

Exclude – Documents which may be excluded are:

Physician orders Nursing Notes
EKG’s Nursing activity records
Physical Therapy Nursing flow sheets
Nutritional Therapy Transfusion reports-except for chemotherapy infusion