Electronic Pathology Reporting System and AB 2325

California State Assembly Bill (AB) 2325

Per AB 2325, signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 14, 2016, pathologists diagnosing cancer are to report cancer diagnosis to the California Cancer Registry (CCR) electronically by January 1, 2019. Defined reporting requirements and a standardized format for reporting pathology cancer diagnosis are outlined by the CCR within an Implementation Guide released July 2017 (see link below). Pathologists and pathology software providers will need to review the Implementation Guide and register with the CCR to meet California reporting requirements. A pathologist or pathology lab will be able to satisfy reporting compliance by adhering to the reporting requirements and standardized format regardless of the technical platform used to capture, store and submit data.

Click here to view the CCR site which includes the Implementation Guide, the e-path registration portal, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and other helpful documents: http://www.ccrcal.org/AB2325.shtml

If you have questions or concerns regarding e-path or AB 2325, please contact:

Mignon Dryden, ODS
Director of Electronic Reporting and Education