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It is required by state and federal law that all newly diagnosed cancer cases be reported.

What is Cancer Reporting?

  • All cases are reportable regardless of where the individual was treated or diagnosed, or seen at a cancer reporting facility, other facility or by a physician.
  • California’s population-based cancer reporting system, the California Cancer Registry (CCR), is managed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Its mission is to serve the public by collecting statewide cancer data, conducting surveillance and research into the causes, controls, and cures of cancer, and communicating the results to the public.

What about patient confidentiality?

The Health and Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) does not change or affect the mandate for reporting cancer in California. The California Cancer Registry and its Regional Cancer Registries are considered Public Health authorities and disclosure of protected health information to the registries is permitted by HIPAA without patient signed consent per HIPAA federal regulations citation: 45 CFR 164.512.

Confidentiality of data collected is strictly maintained in accordance with Health and Safety Code Sections 10033 and 103885; Civil Code, Sections 56.05 and 1798; Government Code Sections, 6250-6265; and Federal Law PL 104-191.

CDPH has more than 50 years’ experience in handling confidential records. Laws, regulations, and programmatic safeguards are in place throughout the system to assure that the identities of patients are not revealed.

California law does not require written or verbal patient consent to report cancers to the CCR, and specifically exempts physicians from any legal action or damages from meeting their legal obligation to report cancer cases or to provide access to those patient’s medical records.

Reporting Cases to the CRGC

To report cases to the CRGC, please submit the following information:

  • Patient Demographics or Face Sheet
  • Pathology Reports (biopsy, excision, re-excision)
  • Pertinent x-rays or scans
  • Treatment information (either provided by yourself or known treatment)
  • OP notes
  • Name and contact information of other Physician if referred out

Please submit this information by faxing to:

Secure fax: (916) 564-9300

If you have any questions or problems with reporting your cases, please do not hesitate to call the Data Management Unit at the CRGC by calling (916) 779-0300 or email us at

CRGC Regional Data Collectors can assist you with the following:

  • More information regarding cancer reporting requirements
  • Reportable neoplasms and diagnoses
  • How to submit cases to CRGC

Please include your name, phone number and facility or physician’s name so that we can route the email to the proper Regional Data Collector.

I.1.6.7 CCR Reportability Guide 2015

If you have any questions, please contact:

Winny Roshala, BA, ODS
Director, CRGC Data Quality Control and
Facility Compliance Officer
(916) 779-0313