Electronic Pathology Reporting System

The CRGC is very pleased that you are interested in participating in our innovative ePath program.

What is ePath?

  • ePath is an electronic transmission or method of reporting cancer cases to your Regional Registry (CRGC).
  • ePath utilizes one of three methods: AIM Trans Med (a product from Artificial Intelligence in Medicine), PHINMS (a transfer mechanism from the Centers for Disease and Control) or CRGC’s Secure Data Transfer.

There are several benefits to both the CRGC and your pathology lab for participating in this program:

  • More timely data – Receiving pathology data sooner helps us identify cases and collect accurate Diagnosis and Treatment data from physicians.
  • More accurate information – Patient data is directly copied, rather than entered by hand.
  • Reduced impact on the pathology lab – no need to provide a work area or dedicate time to our staff, other than system setup and regular maintenance.
  • Security – ePath is fully compliant with US HIPAA rules and uses state of the art encryption methods for data transfer.
  • More efficient – ePath is a fully automated process and requires minimal human interaction.
  • Reliability – ePath includes features that prevent data loss and ensure audit trails are retained for all transactions.

Click here for an overview of ePath at the California Cancer Registry

If you have questions or concerns regarding ePath, please contact:

Mignon Dryden, CTR
Director of Electronic Reporting and Education